Terms and Conditions

The admission of a Candidate stands canceled if it is found that he/she has submitted false documents or has made incorrect claims/submissions in his/her selection process.

12Plus reserves the right to cancel the admission of any candidate under any of the following circumstances:-

  • If the fees are not deposited by the stipulated date.
  • If the candidate does not join the particular programs by the stipulated date even though the fees have been deposited.
  • If the candidate fails to furnish proof of the minimum eligibility qualifications required for admission into the programs/ course within the stipulated time frame.

A Candidate found indulging in drug/alcohol/abuse/ violence or improper behavior and does not abide by the rules and regulations as are relevant from time to time will be rusticated.       

Students have to pay counseling fees with documentation to 12plus during the fill of the Counseling Form.

Mode of Payment: All Fees to the 12plus should be paid only through the online payment gateway “Razorpay” following the website www.12plus.co.in only.

During the time of Counseling will be allotted a provisional seat then 12plus  issued an admission letter of confirmed college.

Those students who have taken admitted to Colleges. If they are found to be guilty in any cases like they do not attend classes or fail in any examinations or any case of mutual disputes during the time of courses, 12plus will not be liable for that.

12plus e is a counseling center, which is MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with many Colleges.

If he/she does not submit any Forms/Documents on the date/time given by the counselor, their admission will be canceled and in that situation, their counseling fees will not be refundable.

For those students who have been selected by 12plus counseling, if found fake in their forms or documentation, 12plus  will not be liable and 12plus can also terminate their admission.

After depositing fees to college, if any student does not take their admission, they can go to college for a refund but in this situation, 12plus will not be responsible.

12plus counseling fee is not included in the college fee.

If the selected candidate fails to join college for whatever reasons, after paying the counseling fee.  the fees already paid to the 12plus  – will not be refunded to the candidate – the same fee is not transferrable to any other candidate and the un-availed admission does not hold good for the successive academic year/years too

If the admission letter is not submitted at the time of sending college, the provisional admission granted to the candidate by 12plus will stand canceled, and under such circumstances, the fee already paid by the candidate would not be refunded by the 12plus to the candidate.